Our Engineering Office, the D-One Engineering Kft. established in 2017 with the participation of experienced engineer colleagues. Our goal is to use our knowledge, skills and possibilities to give complex solutions for our business partners from analysis to mechanical design and manufacturing included the assembly and testing if its demanded. We have particular focus on three major areas:

- Individual machine design, development of existing products, participation in short- and long-term design, R&D projects are the core of our work. We have extensive experience on the fields of automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, food, agricultural and machine design.

- We undertake other engineering services: 3D modeling, simulations, expert activity, fault and error analysis, 8D analysis, function and life-cycle testing to mention only our most common inquiries. We also undertake short-, and medium-term ongoing cooperation, even with locally deployed engineers straight in your site.

- We also deal with the production of prototype, individual and small series products. Parts alone or complicated assemblies? Does not matter. Along with our colleagues and manufacturing partners we have several decades of experience in the machining area, from the simplest to the most complicated, all kinds of pieces turn around. Whether you need traditional or special machining technologies or materials, we always work with below-average delivery times and continuously guarantee the quality of our products.

    Aroused your interest? We look forward to hearing from you. 


Nagy Dániel                  

Owner of D-One Engineering Kft.